What is the best cut or shape for Montana sapphire?

Montana Sapphires: Choosing the Right Shape and Cut Montana sapphires are prized gemstones found in various colors, from blue to green, pink, and yellow. When it comes to buying a Montana sapphire, one of the most frequently asked questions is, “What is the best cut or shape for Montana sapphire?” In this article, we’ll explore […]

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Sapphire symbolism meaning

Sapphire Symbolism

I.Introduction There are many questions on the internet about sapphire’s symbolism and meaning. Interest in this topic is not new. It has a very long pedigree. Some of the questions relate to healing powers of various kinds. Others wonder whether sapphires can confer virtues like calmness, wisdom, and fidelity. Speculations of an astrological nature are […]

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The All American Sapphire®

The All American Sapphire®: Exceptional Gemstones from Americut Gems Welcome to the beautiful world of Montana sapphire! We are delighted to introduce you to the  All American Sapphire®®, a captivating line of Montana sapphire sourced and precision cut in the United States by Americut Gems, a renowned and ethical gemstone company. Sourced from the Illustrious […]

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