Teal Montana Sapphire – Round 4.95 Carats

ID: 398001
Color: Teal
Clarity: Eyeclean
Cut: Ideal Round Brilliant
Carat weight: 4.95 cts
Measurements:11 mm
Species: Rock Creek: Montana Sapphire
Enhancement: Heat


Teal Montana Sapphire – Round 4.95 Carats

This perfect teal  ideal round brilliant Montana sapphire at nearly 5 carats with good clarity is a true collectors dream. This All American Sapphire® has very nice color shifting properties as shown in the images. Under artificial light sources you will see a shifting from teal to green. In daylight there displays a nice 50/50 blue to green ratio which is the ideal amount to ilicit a brilliance while still maintaining a striking color presence.

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