Teal Montana Sapphire – Round 4.95 Carats


ID: 398001
Color: Teal
Clarity: Included
Cut: Ideal Round Brilliant
Carat weight: 4.95 cts
Measurements:11 mm
Species: Rock Creek: Montana Sapphire
Enhancement: Heat


Teal Montana Sapphire – Round 4.95 Carats

Check out this amazing Teal Montana Sapphire! It’s a round brilliant cut, nearly 5 carats, and has a beautiful teal color with a cool color-shifting effect. Under artificial light, it shifts from teal to green, and in natural daylight, it’s a perfect 50/50 blue-to-green ratio. It’s a rare find and perfect for collectors or anyone looking for a unique piece of jewelry. Don’t miss out on this exceptional gemstone!

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