Teal Montana Sapphire – Oval 1.33 Carats


Teal Montana Sapphire – Oval 1.33 Carats

ID: 188030
Species: Natural Sapphire
Brand: All American Sapphire®
Origin: Montana, USA
Weight: 1.33cts
Dimensions: 7×5.9x3mm
Color: Teal
Shape: Oval
Clarity: Included
Treatment: Heat only


Teal Montana Sapphire – Oval 1.33 Carats

This rare teal, All American Sapphire® displays a beautiful blue-green color in all light sources. While predominantly teal, this sapphire is a vivid blue dominant in brighter light sources, with a slightly deeper peacock teal hue in artificial light. Eye clean, with a microscopic inclusion. These inclusions, however, do not take away from the brilliance, making this teal Montana Sapphire exceptional. The All American Sapphire® is the only sapphire to be mined, cut, and polished in all sizes within the USA.

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