Pastel Montana Sapphire – Fancy Cushion 2.45 Carat

ID: 218004
Species: Natural Sapphire
Brand: All American Sapphire®
Origin: Rock Creek Sapphire, Montana USA
Weight: 2.45
Color: Bi White
Shape: Fancy Cushion
Clarity: Eye-clean
Treatment: Heat only


Pastel Montana Sapphire – Fancy Cushion 2.45 Carat

This is a very rare and highly unusual Montana sapphire. The overall look of this stone will be a colorless main body with a slight cobalt blue bow tie on the ends. The look indoors by the window can appear colorless like in the photo on the hand. Outdoors you can get some hints of blue. In certain light like the second video on the turntable you can see golden and green hues catch the light. It is the most interesting stone. It wears many hats, or it is a chamelian. You will never lose interest with this unique beauty. This is cut in our Fancy cushion shape and is a very clean stone. Wonderful find, you will not likely find another like it.

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