Montana Sapphire Melee and Smaller stones from 2.75mm+

Montana Sapphire Melee and Smaller stones from 2.75mm+

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Montana Sapphire Melee and Smaller stones

We have a wide range of smaller-size Montana sapphires in various shapes, sizes, and colors at our store. Although not all of them are listed on our website, we have an extensive collection of Montana sapphires that come from Rock Creek. Our precision-cut stones come in different colors and shapes to help you find the perfect Montana sapphire for your needs. We also offer melee round sizes that range from 2.75mm to 4.5+ mm, so you can choose the ideal size for your jewelry project.

If you are looking for unique colors and shapes that are not round, please get in touch with us. For a round size of 2.75+mm, kindly choose from the colors with their associated numbers for your selection and contact us via email or phone for pricing and availability.

Please note that Montana sapphire is not uniform in color, and therefore, it can be challenging to design jewelry requiring more than two matching colors. The design choice would lend itself to multiple color arrangements.

We offer a memorandum for melee selection on orders over $500.

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