Green Montana Sapphire – Oval .97 carats


Green Montana Sapphire – Oval 1.1

  • ID:38461
  • Species: Genuine Sapphire
  • Brand: All American Sapphire‚Ñ¢
  • Origin: Montana,USA
  • Weight: .97cts
  • Dimensions:6.4×5.5mm
  • Shape: Oval
  • Clarity: Included
  • Treatment: Heat only



Green Montana Sapphire – Oval .97 carats
This is a very inexpensive Montana sapphire. The color is medium to light green in daylight with an eye visible inclusion when seen in direct light. A solid background like a bezel or most settings, will hide this well.  It is priced less than a blue sapphire of similar size and quality and so it is a great buy and a good value. #38461

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