Bluegreen Montana Sapphire – Hexagon 2.74cts


Bluegreen Sapphire – Hexagon 2.74cts

ID: 128015
Species: Natural Sapphire
Brand: All American Sapphire®
Origin: Montana,USA
Weight: 2.74cts
Dimensions: 8.7×5.5
Color: Blue
Shape: Hexagon
Clarity: Eye Clean
Treatment: Heated


Bluegreen Sapphire – Hexagon 2.74cts

This Bluegreen Sapphire – Hexagon 2.74cts is an absolute rarity and one of a kind All American Sapphire ® because it has been skillfully cut into a hexagon shape. It begs to be set in a one of a kind special design piece of jewelry. It has exceptional medium tone rich blue color in daylight that can shift slightly teal in some artificial light. It is eye clean with very high clarity that could be described as virtually flawless. This will be a first choice for someone hoping ro find something truly unique in Montana sapphire. #128015

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