Bluegreen Montana Sapphire – Hexagon 2.83 Carat

ID: 198001

Species: Natural Sapphire
Brand: All American Sapphire®
Origin: Montana, USA
Weight: 2.83
Dimensions: 8.9×5.4
Color: Bluegreen
Shape: Hexagon
Clarity: VS
Treatment: Heat only



Bluegreen Montana Sapphire – Hexagon 2.83 Carat

Highly sought after rich teal hexagon shape Montana sapphire. This All American Sapphire® is top shelf and has pride of place among Rock Creek Sapphire. Excellent clarity and a beautiful rich deep and vibrant peacock blue in daylight shifting to a pure green in some  other light sources. Incredible stone. One of a kind and not likely to be replaceable in the near future.

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