Blue Montana Sapphire- Round .90cts


Blue Sapphire- Round .90cts

All American Sapphire®

ID: 118107-5
Species: Natural Sapphire
Origin: Montana, USA
Brand: All American Sapphire®
Weight: .90cts
Dimensions: 5.8×3.8
Color: Fancy
Shape: Round
Clarity: Eye Clean
Treatment: Heat Only


Blue Sapphire- Round .90cts

This nice size 0.90 ct All American Sapphire from Montana will be of interest to everyone looking for a bright stone that exhibits strong color changing ability. In daylight the dominant color is a very light almost colorless blue with orange pinpoint flash. The color changes in artificial light. Orange flash becomes more dominant and the primary color shade can vary from mint to tan depending on the light source. Brilliance is maximized by the quality of cut which mimics the diamond hearts and arrows pattern. Please note the excellent Diascan symmetry report which documents the superior cutting of this stone and accounts for its maximum sapphire brilliance.

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