Blue Montana Sapphire – Oval 1.32Ct


Blue Sapphire – Oval 1.32Ct
ID: 28120
Species: Natural Sapphire
Brand: All American Sapphire®
Origin: Montana,USA
Weight: 1.32 cts
Dimensions: 6.9×5.9×4.4 mm
Color: Light blue-white
Shape: Oval
Clarity: eye clean
Treatment: Heat Only


Blue Montana Sapphire – Oval 1.32Ct
This is a delightful stone.Think of it as a more interesting alternative to diamond.Imagine a near colorless diamond with a blue tint that changes body color with accents under various artificial lighting sources.This will be a fun to own All American Sapphire® from Montana.It is very lively because of its light color and because it is virtually flawless.It is very inexpensive for the look and will be a first choice for many buyers looking for maximum diamond like brilliance at a small fraction of diamond prices.¬† Measures 6.9×5.9×4.4mm #28120 Heated

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