Blue-green Montana Sapphire-Secret Cove .95 carats


Blue Montana Sapphire-Secret Cove .95 carats

Montana Sapphire®- carats
All American Sapphire®
ID: 168081
Species: Natural Sapphire
Origin: Montana, USA
Brand: All American Sapphire®
Weight: .95
Dimensions: 6.3×5.4
Color: Blue
Shape: Secret Cove
Clarity: Eye Clean
Treatment: Heat


Blue-green Montana Sapphire-Secret Cove .95 carats

In daylight this All American Sapphire® looks like a blue diamond. It displays a very fine medium tone blue color that shifts to teal in incandescent light and dark agave in other fluorescent sources. The original rough crystal from which this gemstone was cut weighed 3.62 cts and so considerable weight was lost to achieve the goal of creating a polished gemstone that is virtually flawless. That makes this stone both rare and beautiful. This is definitely top shelf material. At slightly less then 1 carat, it is an excellent value. 168081

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