Blue Montana Sapphire -Round 3.22carats

Blue Montana Sapphire -Round 3.22carats
ID: 78723
Species: Natural Sapphire
Brand: All American Sapphire®
Origin: Montana, USA
Weight: 3.22cts
Dimensions: 8.6×5.9mm
Color: Blue
Shape: Round
Clarity: Eye clean
Treatment: Heat only


Blue Montana Sapphire -Round 3.22carats

This rare 3 carat+ deep blue Montana sapphire stares at you like the secret recesses of the ocean. The ceylon like rich blue saturation of this gem is most prized among the sapphire. It shows a brighter blue color in daylight and a deeper blue with a hint of teal color in fluorescent light. This slightly included Montana Sapphire has some silk and no imperfections to the naked eye, giving this stone a rich mysterious feel.

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