Blue Montana Sapphire – Oval 2.07 Carats


Blue Montana Sapphire – Oval 2.07 Carats
ID: 288004
Species: Natural Sapphire
Brand: All American Sapphire®
Origin: Rock Creek, Montana, USA
Weight: 2.07 Cts
Dimensions: 7.9×6.8 mm
Color: Blue
Shape: Oval
Clarity: Eye-Clean/SI


Blue Montana Sapphire – Oval 2.07 Carats

Indulge in the captivating allure of this exquisite oval-shaped Montana sapphire, ethically mined and cut in the USA. With deep blue hues that reflect the depths of the ocean. This sapphire was meticulously cut to enhance its natural brilliance, it sparkles with an inner radiance that speaks of both craftsmanship and ethical sourcing. An embodiment of American craftsmanship and environmental consciousness, this sapphire is a rare gem that captures the essence of sophistication and sustainable mining practices.

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