Blue-green Montana Sapphire- Secret Cove 1 carat


All American Sapphire®
ID: 168084
Species: Natural Sapphire
Origin: Montana, USA
Brand: All American Sapphire®
Weight: 1 ct
Dimensions: 6.4×5.3
Color: Blue
Shape: Secret Cove
Clarity: included
Treatment: Heat





Blue-green Montana Sapphire- Secret Cove 1 carat

This All American Sapphire® displays a light blue color in daylight that shifts to a more teal in incandescent light and a somewhat darker blue in fluorescent sources. The stone is technically not eye clean. With effort one can see a white feather reflected and so the stone has been significantly discounted for that reason. On the other hand, this does not adversely affect the overall appearance and so it is both affordable and a very good buy. Like the all All American Sapphire® the cutting is the best available. 168084.

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