Blue-green Montana Sapphire – Round 3.88cts


Blue Montana Sapphire – Round 3.88 carats

ID: 148018
Species: Natural Sapphire
Origin: Montana, USA
Brand: All American Sapphire®
Weight: 3.88cts
Dimensions: 9.3×6.2 mm
Color: Blue
Shape: Round
Clarity: Eye Clean
Treatment: Heat Only


Blue-green Montana Sapphire – Round 3.88cts

This is a very rare, nearly 4 carat All American Sapphire®  from Rock Creek, Montana. It has the ideal blend of blue and green to give off that exotic oceanic feeling. There is a small amount of silk and a few small inclusions that do not affect the stones brilliance and are only visible with magnification. It is heated treated and weighs 3.88cts.

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