Blue-green Montana Sapphire – Round 2.39 Carats


Blue-green Montana Sapphire – Round 2.39 Carats

ID: 178005
Species: Natural Sapphire
Brand: All American Sapphire®
Origin: Rock Creek, Montana, USA
Weight: 2.39cts
Dimensions: 7.9 mm
Color: Blue-green
Shape: Round
Clarity: VS
Treatment: Heat


Blue-green Montana Sapphire – Round 2.39 Carats

A stunning teal Montana Sapphire – a rare and exquisite gemstone that exudes unparalleled beauty and uniqueness. This 2.39 carat round sapphire boasts a perfect teal color with captivating color-shifting properties, depending on the light source. This particular gemstone showcases a gorgeous peacock teal and blue hue that is simply breathtaking.

For those who are passionate about American gemstones, this Montana sapphire is an ideal choice for a center stone. Its Montana origin and exceptional quality make it a prized possession that deserves to be treasured and celebrated. This gemstone is perfect for those who want to tell their gem origin story and showcase their love for Montana sapphires. If you are looking for a rare and beautiful gemstone that stands out from the rest, this Blue-green Montana Sapphire is the perfect choice.

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