Blue-green Montana Sapphire – Oval 2.1 Carats


Blue-green Montana Sapphire – Oval 2.1 Carats
ID: 278032
Species: Natural Sapphire
Brand: All American Sapphire®
Origin: Rock Creek, Montana, USA
Weight: 2.1 Cts
Dimensions: 8×6.6 mm
Color: Blue-green
Shape: Oval
Clarity: Eye-Clean/SI
Treatment: Heat only


Blue-green Montana Sapphire – Oval 2.1 Carats

In the heart of Montana’s untamed wilderness emerges a stunning 2-carat plus blue oval Montana sapphire, a celestial gem echoing the region’s rugged beauty. Bathed in the pristine blue hues mirroring Montana’s vast skies and waters, this sapphire, adorned with faint inclusions, tells tales of its geological genesis.

Ethically mined and cut within the United States, this gem harmonizes nature’s wonders with human craftsmanship. A living testament to Earth’s narratives, this Montana sapphire, with its deep blue allure, is a radiant reflection of the wild elegance found in the heart of America.


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