Bi-Color Montana Sapphire Round-1.17 carats


Bi-Color Montana Sapphire Round-1.17 carats


Species: Natural Sapphire

Brand: All American Sapphire®

Origin: Montana,USA



Color:Bi Color

Shape: Round

Clarity: Eye Clean

Treatment: Heated


Bi-Color Montana Sapphire Round-1.17 carats. Italy Morning Montana Sapphire emanates fresh golden brown and green rays from itself. This earthy medium light brown gemstone flash greens and golden light as it appears to be warming itself in the sun. The hazel is dominated by it‚Äôs brown so that the saturation appears evenly dispersed by the viewer. This round brilliant sapphire weighs 1.17 carats and measures 6.2×6.2×4.1mm. There are a few transparent inclusions within this stone that can only be seen with a microscope, giving this stone a rich luminescent look and feel.#78766

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