3.25mm Hearts and Arrows Multi Color Montana Sapphire

Priced per stone $50-100

Species: Natural Sapphire
Brand: All American Sapphire®
Origin: Montana,USA
Weight:0.16ct each
Dimensions: 3.25 mm
Color: Multi
Shape: Round
Clarity: Eye Clean
Treatment: Heated


3.25mm Hearts and Arrows Multi Color Montana Sapphire

Montana Sapphire Hearts and Arrows round  measuring 3.25mm with a carat weight of .16cts.  This modified Hearts and Arrows round brilliant diamond cut All American Sapphire® is the only  sapphire that is mined, precision cut and polished in the USA in these small sizes. The sapphire are mined from Rock Creek, MT then heat is applied with no other treatment and finally cut in our US gemstone cutting factory to the very highest standards available in the industry. Please contact us for your specific needs in color and sizes. Montana sapphire does not produce exact matching stones, so there will always be variation in hues and the level of saturation. We suggested an ombre design or similar for the best use of our All American Sapphire®.

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