Cushion Cut Montana Sapphire

Here at Americut Gems, we ethically source cushion cut Montana sapphire. Our cushion cut sapphire is unique in that we have several modified cushion shapes that we have designed to promote the greatest brilliance and color possible for that sapphire. “Secret Cove” is one example of our design cushion cut Montana sapphire. One of the many benefits of purchasing your gems from us is that we have one of the world’s largest inventory of Montana sapphire, so the options are endless. Our cushion cut sapphire is available in a wide variety of colors, including blue, green, yellow, teal, and much more. Utilize the filter feature to shop by a specific cushion shape, color, size, and treatment. Our cushion cut Montana sapphire is a unique gem that you will cherish for a lifetime. Give us a call today to (951) 704-9351 to speak with a team member for more information.

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