Are Montana sapphires good for engagement rings?

Yes, all sapphires, including sapphires from Montana, are very good as either center or accent stones in engagement rings for several reasons. With the exception of diamonds, sapphires are harder than any other natural variety of gemstones.  This is important because gemstones, like anything else,  acquire surface scratches with wear. The harder the stone, the less vulnerable it is to being scratched.  Multiple scratches make gemstones appear dull.  Engagement rings are usually worn every day so the hardness of Montana sapphire makes them good for engagement rings. Some people have wondered if Montana sapphire is too soft for engagement rings.  Clearly, the answer is no.

White Rock Creek Montana Sapphire

What factors make Montana sapphires good for engagement rings?

Montana sapphires come in many shapes, colors, color tones, and hues.  The color hues are often subtle combinations of color.  The popular teals are an example of this. For all these reasons, consumers have a great variety of choices available to them.  Some Montana sapphires are white, others are nearly white, and these hues are being used in engagement rings as alternatives to diamonds.  This trend has accelerated in recent years because of the availability of man-made diamonds which are indistinguishable from natural diamonds.  

Compared with most of the other popular gemstone varieties, sapphires’ index of refraction is relatively high, so they can display a diamond-like brilliance when adequately cut.  Montana sapphire comes in many lighter tones, so is also a perfect choice for an engagement ring for people who value brilliance.

 Another important factor to many people is an assurance that what they are purchasing has been produced in an environmentally responsible way.  In this regard, sapphires produced in Montana have pride of place.  Moreover, custody chains for Montana sapphires are both shorter and more transparent than sapphires produced anywhere else in the world so consumers can be more certain about their origin.