All American Sapphire®

Montana Sapphire Mined & Precision Cut in the USA

All American Sapphire®

All American Sapphire®

Welcome! I see that you are interested in purchasing a sapphire. I would like to introduce you to All American Sapphire®, a unique brand that offers ethically sourced Montana sapphire for sale.

Unlike other sapphires sold in the US, All American Sapphire® is mined, cut, and polished in the USA, ensuring that you get a gemstone that is eco-friendly, ethically sourced, and of superior quality.

All American Sapphire® is committed to transparent sourcing and documentation, which means that you can trust that every sapphire you purchase has been mined in Western Montana, where strict regulations are enforced to ensure environmental sustainability.

What’s more, every All American Sapphire® is cut and polished by master gemstone cutters within the USA, providing consistent, uniform cutting perfection that gives meaning and value to the branding of sapphires.

Finally, All American Sapphire® provides documentation of all relevant dimensions and angles of every sapphire, giving you a unique ID of each stone and documenting the commitment to a very high cutting standard. The symmetry of every All American Sapphire® is measured and graded, based on the same criteria established by the GIA for the symmetry grading of diamonds.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our ethically sourced Montana sapphire for sale, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Montana Sapphire Mine in Rock Creek. Arlan Abel (Americut Gems) and Keith Barron (Potentate Mining llc.)

Mining for Sapphires

We're excited to partner with a leading Montana sapphire mine in Rock Creek, Montana to bring you high-quality sapphires that are perfect for use in jewelry. Our Montana sapphires are mined using modern, environmentally friendly practices that prioritize the safety and health of our miners. We take pride in the fact that our All American Sapphires® are ethically sourced and sustainably mined, so you can feel good about the products you purchase from us.
Montana sapphires ethical mining

Ethical Mining Practices

At Americut Gems, we take pride in the fact that we have ethically sourced Montana sapphire for sale. After the sapphires have been extracted, the soil is replaced and seeded with native grasses. Within weeks there is very little evidence of mining activity.

USA Gemcutters

USA Gemcutters

The All American Sapphire® is Rock Creek Montana sapphire that is mined, cut, and polished in the United States. Our team of skilled cutters adheres to the highest cutting standards in the industry. To back our claims, we use Sarine technology with GIA facetware to measure and produce cutting certificates. We are proud to be a USA-based gemcutter that sells ethical sapphire.

GIA Facetware Certificates

We specialize in producing Montana sapphires of precise cuts in all sizes. Our custom diamond-cut designs result in exceptionally brilliant sapphires. We provide optimum cutting reports for all our All American Sapphires® through Sarine GIA Facetware software, and this service is included in the price.