Account Application

Wholesaler/Retailer Application

The undersigned hereby agrees this Americut Gems  account is due and payable to Americut Gems and that this application serves as an agreement for the sale of goods and or services.

The undersigned hereby makes this application to Americut Gems, and applicant agrees that all amounts payable on or before the due dates as shown on each. Invoice will be paid, and if not paid on said date, are then delinquent. It is understood that creditor may impose and charge a delinquency charge which is the lower 2% per month or the highest rate allowed by law. Additionally, undersigned shall be responsible for all collection costs and attorney fees in connection with any delinquent amount. The laws of the state of California shall be applicable to all suits arising under any agreement between the undersigned and the creditor. In the event of litigation, venue shall be in California. Certified mail will be sufficient notice to effectuate personal service over the defendant, and the defendant agrees to waive citation. Undersigned agrees creditor may utilize outside reporting services to obtain information and may apply payments at creditors discretion.